Mr Png Gek Liang, fondly known as Ah Liang by his colleagues, has more than 30 years of experience in the painting and coating industry. Ah Liang started the Lawson Painting Specialist company to solely deal with painting and coating exclusively.  His early portfolio covers HDB(s) flats, condominiums, bunglows, schools, factories and industrial spaces. 

Ah Liang has always taken a keen interest in effects painting. In year 2000, he embarked on a new branch of effects painting, Lawson Creatives. Currently, he has taken Lawson Creatives to the online platform and has more than 6000 Facebook followers till date. Customers enjoy the elegance and luxury that effects painting has brought to their living spaces. The popular choice among the effects paintings are the faux marble and cement screed.

The widespread fame of effects painting has even aroused the curiosity of the media. On July 2015, The Newpaper on Sunday did an interview with Ah Liang titled ‘Confessions of a Painter’ where he shared the 3 secrets of the painting trade. He has also been interviewed by and various bloggers on social media about his trait.

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